Tailgate for the Cure

TOY #1

Name: Mr. Pickle Bottom

Sponsor: The Wolfpack (Mt. Lebanon Youth Football Team)

Jockey: Eli, Nathan, JP, Pudge

TOY #2

Name: Sweet Chicken

Sponsor: Bacon & Hilary

Jockey: Tweety and His Funky Bunch

TOY #3

Name: Nasty Nun

Sponsor: Pittsburgh Kids Foundation


Jockey: Divinely inspired PITT fanatics 

TOY #4

Name: U.S. Taxpayer

Sponsor: Chunky Monkey

Jockey: The US Federal Government

TOY #5

Name: Spank

Sponsor: Confluence Sales Team

Jockey: TBD

Toy #6

Name: Big Boggity

Sponsor: H&M Contracting

Jockey: Soiled Kleenex

Toy #7

Name: Spotted Puppy Service Dog

Sponsor: Buckhorn Bimbos

Jockey: Big John Kaus

Toy #8
Name: Rocky Road Racoon
Sponsor: Bruster's Real Ice Cream
Jockey: Cherry on Top
Toy #9
Name: Bumbling Bee
Sponsor: It's Only Natural Landscaping
Jockey: ION Man

Only One Spot Left!

Get it while you can.

Wind-Up-Toy Race

Brought to you by:

We’ve added a signature event this year – the Wind-Up-Toy Race.  We’ve got hoppers, walkers, rollers, and jumpers. And they will all race in a showdown of massive proportions. Ten toys will compete on a regulation track of 18 inches – no holds barred.

You can participate by Sponsoring a Toy of betting on the race.  More info below:

Sponsor a Toy – Become a Jockey
For a cost of $100 – you can sponsor one of ten toys.  What you get: you get to select your toy from the list below and give it a unique name.  You have 24 toys to choose from. In addition, you get to select a representative to be your jockey who will wind it up and race it on the day of the tailgate.  This person can also have a unique name that will be publicized worldwide on the internet and at our event. Your name and logo will appear on the web site and the race banner. 

NOTE: on race-day, you will only get to practice for 15 minutes prior to the event and we advise you to keep your practice secret (sometimes your these toys have quirks – it may go sideways, fast, or slow, or tips over, and some benefit from only being wound up ¾ instead of all the way, etc.).  The jockey needs to figure this out in a short period of time and aim the toy properly. 

Race rules
We only have a few:

    • Toys must start behind the line.
    • Jockey’s cannot touch their toy once the race starts.
    • No touching or pounding the table.
    • First toy across the line wins (or the toy that ends up closest to the finish line if no toy crosses the line).
    • If a toy falls off the table it is disqualified.    


There will be ten Wind-Up-Toys in the race – please sponsor a Toy.  Just contact us and we'll add you to the field of racing toys (call David at 412-370-5374 to sponsor a Toy). HURRY - there are only ten spots and toy selection is on a first come, first serve basis. 

Bet on the Race
This is where the action happens.  Just bet on the Toy you think will win.  Select one of ten to win.  We’re asking for $10 minimum bets.  Post –time will be 5 minutes prior to the race.



Select Your Toy

Toys are going fast. The following toys have been taken by other sponsors and have been renamed (check out their profiles to the right)

  • Robot
  • Pink Chicken
  • Fire Spitting Nun
  • Monkey Riding a Horse
  • Clanging Monkey
  • Nose
  • Spotted Puppy
  • Racoon
  • Bumble Bee

You can select any other toy:

Tomato-Man, Clanging Money, Silver Dino, Smiley, Lederhosen

Michael Meyers, Retro Television, Spotted Puppy, Teeth, Lion

Fire Spitting Nun, Nose, Bunny, Monkey Riding a Horse, Mickey Mouse

Pink Chicken, Bumble Bee, Robot, Grandma with a Walker, Racoon

Skeleton Dude, Sushi, Baby, Eyeball